Monday, 18 October 2010

Think and a Drink - The Battle

A couple of weeks ago Newcastle College's performance academy hosted Codeworks Connect's Think and a Drink event. The event was called The Battle, it started off with 8 designers all armed with photoshop, a graphics tablet and a mac. There was three rounds and for each round a different theme starting with urban then army and finally computer games. The battlers were given a handful of stock images to used related to the theme and 20 minutes to create a piece on the subject. The judges then whittled down the contestants at the end of each round based on their design skills in the round.

Most of the pieces created were very inspiring and it was amazing to see what could be made in such a short space of time using limited resources and software. I came away from this event very inspired and motivated to experiment with short tutorials to expand my knowledge of the software i use.

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