Monday, 18 April 2011

Room 501 placement

So on Friday I finished my 2 week placement at Room 501 Publishing in Sunderland. Room 501 are predominantly a magazine publishers that have around 5 magazines (Business Quarter, Food Quarter, Luxe, NARC. and Hitched). All of the magazines focus on a different subject and each has a very different style of design so when working from one to another it keeps things fresh and it doesn't get tedious. They also work on book designs, web design and branding. There is only 4 designers that work there along with a larger sales team, this keeps it friendly and I found it a great environment to work in as not everyone was working on the same things.

On my first week there it was all about learning about the styles of each magazine so I spent some time putting arranging past articles to how I think they would best fit and once finished comparing them to how they were finally published. I also worked on a design for an annual report for a client that was sent along with another idea for the client to look at. During the second week I worked on some spreads for BQ Magazine (Business Quarter) for their Spring issue that will be printed within a few weeks so I will put some pics up once I get my copy.

I really enjoyed my two weeks there and they flew by so fast. I learnt alot about attention to detail and how each magazine has their own personality. It was great to work with some professional photography and live articles and to get some real experience in editorial. Before this placement I loved editorial design but wasn't sure if I would actually enjoy doing it as a job, and after being here I know it's something I really want to go into. They were really impressed with my work at Room 501 and said that if they had a job available they would offer me one, unfortunately they don't have any jobs available but i'll definitely keep in contact with them and you never know what will happen in the future.

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