Thursday, 17 March 2011

3rd Year Interviews

So I had both of my interviews for 3rd year this week, Sunderland on Tuesday and Newcastle College yesterday. Before going to Sunderland I had all intentions just to continue at the college as there is alot of placement opportunities there, however as soon as we were shown around Sunderland Uni I changed my mind straight away. I've been at the college for 4 years now and I think going to Sunderland will give me a fresh perspective and will be a nice change, aswell as it having really good print facilities and seeming a more creative course rather then the college which seems more essay based. I think both interviews went well and were relaxed and I got alot of good feedback about my portfolio. However around 50 students applied for the top-up year at Sunderland and there is less then 20 places available so the competition is high, but fingers crossed!

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