Thursday, 17 March 2011

Why You?

So this morning at 9am Dave McDonald from local agency Infinite came in to talk to our class about how to get your first job and what life as a designer is like.

Dave left the college in 1996 and went straight to work in London at 2 leading agencies, but hated it, and to be honest I don't particularly want to work in London either so it was a relief to hear that it's not all it's made up to be. He left and went home where he was unemployed for a year and got a lucky break when he started a 9 year stint at Infinite. He left Infinite but because he loved it so much he ended up going back as Design Director. He's worked on big projects including Dance City, Metro, One North East and The Futureheads however he always makes sure he still does alot of personal work to keep the creativity flowing as sometimes it can influence his professional work and vice versa.

The most important tip he gave us about interviews is BE YOURSELF! if you try and be someone else it'll be seen right through. You don't have to have the most amazing portfolio but show that you are passionate and have potential to be a influential designer. The pointers he gave us fell under three headings:

  • Personality - Be relaxed, professional and honest! Always be punctual!
  • Portfolio - Be genuine, confident and receptive
  • Passion - Be brave, committed and positive
Make sure that you take any criticism on board, but also be confident in what you have in your portfolio. Show your personality and make sure you are completely honest about what part you had in creating the work you are showing, you will get found out if you lie!

All in all I really enjoyed Dave's presentation and it was refreshing to talk to such a positive person who highlighted all the good parts of working in the industry rather then talking about how hard it will be to get a job in this recession.

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